Visit from the esteemed Chairman of the Board of INAMAR, IP on behalf of the Government of Mozambique

1. Review of the foundation stone laying by the President of the Republic;

2. Promotion of the existence and role of the center at the national level;

3. Routine visits to the construction site of the center in Catembe to monitor its progress.

Participants suggested that the promotion of the center’s existence and activities be carried out jointly by the MCSCC Center, INAMAR, IP, and ADNAP, IP.

ADNAP, IP, through the dissemination of management plans at the provincial level, can also include the promotion of the CENTER and its activities in its program.

INAMAR, IP, through national inspection plans, should also include this promotion component for the CENTER.

The priority is the district of Catembe, emphasizing the importance of promoting this historical milestone up to the District of Quissanga.

Schools, state institutions, and churches should be made aware so that people understand it as a common good, ensuring routine visits to the MCSCC construction center.

Promotion of the Center

Mozambicans need to know what the Center is and be engaged with it.